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Living Roof Screening

Living Roof Screening

Zefyr’s “Living Roof Screening” systems are literally plants growing on the roof but these special vegetation give you a choice of coloursto choose from and even lengths you want them to grow too. This system is a great green options due to where it is positioned as it also has insulation properties and helps noise reduction. Through this system water can be collected and used for grey/waste water. They also protect the building from the environment and are low maintenance, durable and long lasting.
The “Living Roof” systems are a useful option in building when faced with specific performance targets for a build. These systems protect the building from the environment with out having the effect of aging or weathering. These “Living Roofs” are surprisingly low maintenance but also very durable which makes them extremely long lasting. As it is positioned on the roof it has great heat insulation which  be tailored for each specific project but this also makes it good at energy saving as your use less energy controlling the temperature of the building thus making it a lot better for the environment. Due to this systems design it has good noise reduction capabilities which can be further changed for every jobs requirements. They can also be used as a rain filtration system for water which can then be used for grey / waste water in the building help cutting bills and also making the building more environmentally friendly.
The “living Roofs” have no size limitations, they are modular fabrications for rapid installation.They can be planted with a variety of vegetation, which has multiple colour choices some even change with the season others stay the same all year rounds. The length can also be controlled depending on what has been planed, choices of short to long length vegetation is available. These systems are offer used to conceal buildings to blend in with the country side. Also used in the cities for esthetical purpose either making a building differ from anther or just because its more visually pleasing.
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