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Perforated Panel Screening

Perforated Panel Screening

Zefyr’s “Perforated Panel Screening” systems are normally sheets of metal which have rows perforations often circular but the perforations can be any shape, any size in any pattern. The fixings are design to be concealed and frames are available as an option. This is a secure screening system with a highly aerodynamic performance due to their large free area. Zefyr’s “Perforated Panels” are perfect for any building’s façade, using a modular system, which makes it easy to integrate into most structures.
Screening systems are a useful option in building when faced with particular problems as they are often an affordable option with lightweight construction. Screens can be used to obscure unwanted buildings or objects to create it more aesthetically pleasing. Lower the effect of solar glare whilst allowing light in to the building. Reduce elements entering the building in harsh weather conditions whilst allow a constant airflow in to the building preventing build up of toxic fumes in buildings such as car parks. Even for a security reason to prevent unauthorised persons from entering premises whilst not making it look like a prison but still keeping it secure. As an optional extra bird guards and/or insect mesh can be added to keep out unwanted wildlife entering through the free area of the screens.
This screening system is supplied to site in component form for rapid site assembly and installation, they are normally wall mounted or freestanding.They are design in a modular systems in sections up to 3000mm by 1500mm. Perforation in the panels can be any shape, size and spacing of holes to suit application. A frame is available as an option to surround each module and the fixings are design to be concealed.This system is made from aluminium for lightweight construction with a wide range of finishing that can be applied to help maintain high quality aesthetics (mill finish, PPC to any RAL / bespoke colour and gloss level).
Data Sheets
Technical Data for Zefyr Architectural Screening products; Vertical Fin Screening, Horizontal Louvred Screening, Open Cell Grid Screening, Expanded Mesh Screening, Perforated Panel Screening, Living Wall Screening and Living Roof Screening. 
Case Studies
Job 385 / 450 / 472 - Shopping Centre & Cark Park
Vetical Fin Sreening / Perforated Panel Screening / Integrated Car & Pedestrian Barrier

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Job 829 - Cortyard
Perforated Panel Screening

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