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High Capacity Discharge Ventilator

High Capacity Discharge Ventilator

The “High Capacity Discharge” ventilator is specifically designed for industrial buildings for maximum discharge of heat, smoke and fumes. The ventilator has been designed for the minimum sized roof opening and is constructed from profile sheet metal fixed to galvanised steel frameworks that is formatted in continuous runs down the length of the building. 

The “HCD” vent has had full scale laboratory tests which have been independently certified coefficient of discharge of 0.65Cd and the ventilator is designed to be able to have a snow or dust load up to 1kN/m². Full scale tests have been performed and resulted in supreme aerodynamic efficiency and protection that can cope with the most arduous weather conditions. The units are fully weather proof and designed to have a long maintenance-free life under the most arduous of conditions. As optional extras the ventilator can have acoustic treatment, dampers can be made operable (manual, electric or pneumatic) and bird guard and insect mesh can be added.

The ventilators are easy to install pre-fabricated, fully tested and available in multiple sized modules. Lengths up to 3000mm a unit. Widths ranging from 1840mm to 10530mm. Heights from 750mm to 4800mm. The units can be installed as individual ventilators, joined end-to-end (lengthways) to form one continuous run as a continuous ventilator or side-by-side (widthways) to form block units of ventilators to create modular effect. A variety of versatile materials are available (aluminium, stainless steel, copper) that can have a wide range of finishes applied to help maintain high quality aesthetics (mill finish, PPC, anodised aluminium, pre-coated steel).
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