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Streamline Ridge Ventilator

Streamline Ridge Ventilator

The “Streamline Ridge” ventilator range is designed to provide natural ventilation in buildings where nominal ventilation rates are required through solar gain, light engineering processes or general warehousing. 

The “Streamline Ridge” ventilator has had aerodynamic performance testing independently verified by a leading test authority. Structurally and aerodynamically tested to produce the optimum coefficients of discharge to ensure maximum performance / minimum cost installations. The units are fully weather proof and designed to have a long maintenance-free life under the most arduous of conditions. The ventilator is able to withstand all weather conditions ranging from monsoons in the tropics to the icy rains of the Northern Hemisphere. As optional extras the ventilator can have acoustic treatment, bird guard and insect mesh can also be added. All units can be fitted with dampers to enable maximum control of the ventilator rates. The method of control can be manual cord, remote electric or pneumatic depending on the customer’s requirements.

The ventilators are easy to install pre-fabricated, fully tested and available in multiple sized modules. Lengths of 3000mm. Widths ranging from 754mm to 3702mm. Heights from 410mm to 820mm.Their low profile means that they fit unobtrusively onto any building. Usually installed as individual ventilators or joined lengthways to form one continuous run as a continuous ventilator running along the building ridge line; designed to give uninterrupted, but evenly balanced air flow throughout the building. A variety of versatile materials are available (aluminium, stainless steel) that can have a wide range of finishes applied to help maintain high quality aesthetics (mill finish, PPC, anodised aluminium, pre-coated steel).
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