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Swift Ventilator

Swift Ventilator

The Zefyr “Swift” ventilator is specifically designed for fire ventilation that can be mounted to roof or wall. The vent is an operable flap ventilation system which primary use is to exhaust smoke. The roof unit is supplied as a two-part assembly; flat base to suit a pitch roof, or curb base to suit a flat roof and a builder’s up-stand.

The “Swift” ventilation units are designed and tested to meet the requirements laid down in current codes of practice. Fire tests have been carried out at a leading UK Fire Research Centre in accordance with BS 7346: Part 1 1990. Climatic performance testing, in accordance with CP3: chapter V: Part 2. The smoke ventilation units’ meet the snow load requirements as laid down in BS 6399: Part 3. 1990. Rain and wind penetration tests have been carried out using Zefyr’s own laboratory facilities which include an outside weathering rig, vacuum rig and aerodynamic test chamber designed by Loughborough University department of technology. All testing has been carried out in accordance with BS 7346: Part 1 1990. As optional extras the ventilator can have actuator systems (manual, pneumatic or electrical operation), bird guards, burglar guards, fusible link shields, closure flashings and windshields.

The ventilators are easy to install pre-fabricated, fully tested and available in multiple sized modules. Lengths ranging from 1000mm to 2000mm. Widths ranging from 1000mm to 2000mm. Heights are 130mm. The units are fully weather proof and designed to have a long maintenance-free life under the most arduous of conditions. Available in aluminium that can have a range of finishes applied to help maintain high quality aesthetics (mill finished, anodised, PPC, acrylic, PVF2).
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