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Fin Solar Shading (Brise Soleil)

Fin Solar Shading (Brise Soleil)

Zefyr’s “Fin Solar Shading” systems are normally fitted either above windows horizontally or vertically adjacent to the window. The fins are often a bespoke design to reach specific architectural requirement. Our blades are lightweight and set to minimise dynamic loading such as wind and snow.

The solar shades have multiple purpose that benefit buildings. Comfort and productivity in the work place as they reduce solar glare yet still letting in natural light which reduces the contrast ratios. Environmental and cost as they prevent direct sun glare reducing over-heating to make a building more energy efficient. Also for their aesthetic as solar shading are an aesthetically pleasing addition to a building, often used solely for this property and to help differentiating from one building to another.
The solar shades have a variety of options to change the visual impact of a building. They can be used in two different formats - continuous or modular. The Continuous design gives a never ending effect whilst the Modular design is for blocks of louvres. Blades can be a range of shapes; Box blades, Aerofoil blades, Delta-X blades or Bespoke. We have a range of Brackets  to cater for Masonry / Metalwork or Curtain Walling. A variety of versatile types of materials are available - metal, timber or other and we offer a wide range of colours and finishes that can be applied to help maintain high quality aesthetics.
Zefyr's product brochure catalogues the comprehensive range of products that Zefyr have to offer, giving a brief desiccation of each product with visuals.