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Architectural Louvres

Architectural Louvres

Continuous Louvres
Design to form the appearance of a never-ending louvre. Doors can be integrated
into these systems allowing for access whilst still providing a flush continuous
Modular Louvres
Design to fit in specific areas which can range in shapes. Supplied in factory-
assembled modules. They have been designed to aid speed of build or to suit
irregular openings that are not suited to a continuous format. 
Interlocking Louvres
Modular louvres, factory-fitted with interlocks at their edges to suit all modular
cladding systems. These systems require no perimeter flashings or structural
Bespoke Louvres
Countless possibilities regarding the design and installation of unique louvres to
solve almost any architectural problem. With an organic blend of aesthetics and
practicality, bespoke louvres can be a integral component of any building design.  

What are architectural louvre?
Zefyr’s architectural weather louvres are groups of fixed blades to be aesthetically pleasing. The blades are jointed on site and can be mitred to follow the lines of the building with two format options, either a constant continuous effect or sectioned framed modular effect depending your desired visual impact. These louvres can be fitted in lots of different ways to the building such as vertical, horizontal or a mixture of the both to achieve the desired visual effect.

Zefyr Louvre Blades
The Zefyr Louvre blades form a highly aesthetic solution to a full range of design problems. The blades are spaced to suit each application in order to allow airflow into building and, at the same time, stop any weather ingress.
  • Standard: The Zefyr “Standard” blade is a louvre blade with sharp profile which provides a clean, crisp effect.
  • Smoothflow: The Zefyr “Smoothflow” blade is a Louvre blade with curved profiles and offers a distinctive smooth  appearance.
  • Perforated: The Zefyr “Perforated” blade can be administered to most blade shapes. The perforations can be designed in any size, form or pattern.
  • Roll-formed: The Zefyr “Roll-formed” louvre systems are modules made up of one sheet of metal which is perforated and then pressed to produce this blade-like shape.
  • Bespoke: Zefyr’s “Bespoke” service is for projects with requirements that differ from, or may be more specialised than, our standard solar shading systems.
Data Sheets
Technical Data for Zefyr Architectural Weather Louvre products - Standard Continuous and Modular Louvres; Materials, Finishes, Components, Performance, Acoustic, Dimensions and Weights.
Technical Data for Zefyr Industrial Weather Louvre product - Smoothflow Continuous and Modular Louvres; Materials, Finishes, components, Performance, Acoustic, Dimensions and Weights.
Technical Data for Zefyr Architectural Weather Louvre product - Roll Formed Continuous Louvre; Features, Specifications, Security, Panels, Weather Effectiveness and Resistance to Air Flow.
Technical Data for Zefyr Industrial Weather Louvre product - Interlocking Louvre; Aesthetic Features, Performance, Installation, Configurations, Accessories, Materials, Finishes, Dimensions, Weight, Structural Performance, Weather Performance, Aerodynamic Performance, Acoustic and Operation Controls.
Case Studies
Job 670 - Shopping Centre
Arichetectural Continous Weather Louvres

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Job 799 - Train Station & Hotel
Architectural Continious Weather Louvres

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Job 902 - Airport
Architectural Interlocking Weather Louvres / Horizontal Solar Shading (Brise Soleil)

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Job 908 - Accomodation
Architectural Interlocking Weather Louvres

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Job 912 - Shopping Centre
Architectural Weather Louvre / Solar Shading / Smoke Ventilation

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Job 919 - Train Station
Architectural Weather Louvres

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Job 920 - Train Station
Architectural Bespoke Weather Louvres 

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Job 843 - School
Architectural Modular Weather Louvres

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